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NAFA Chat: Transitioning from theatre to film – the hurdles

Alex Lykos is a theatremaker and filmmaker based in Sydney. He came to the performing arts later in life having spent his formative years as a professional tennis player.

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NAFA Chat: Actors in Action - The practical, legal, and ethical considerations of theatrical violence and action

Kyle Rowling has been studying acting and martial arts since 1978. His mastery of the craft has made him one of the world’s most respected stage combat instructors and fight directors.

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Choc Tops Meeting: Writing for theatre and film

After a successful sports career Alex Lykos began a new career in the arts 12 years ago. In 2005 he formed Bulldog Theatre Company, which has since produced all eight of his plays.

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Show & Tell Theatre: 'Macondo's Clothesline'

A piece in development inspired by a García Márquez micro-story. Opening night will feature a NAFA Show & Tell session.

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Choc Tops Meeting: Directing for Theatre

Kate Gaul graduated from NIDA in directing in 1996 and later trained with the Anne Bogart SITI Company. She has been Associate Director at the Ensemble Theatre and has directed a wide variety of stage productions.

Kate is now the Artistic Director of Siren Theatre Co. and has also written and directed two short films: Embrace and Cake.

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