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NAFA Chat: The O-1 visas – How to work legally in the United States

Rebekah O’Sullivan FRSA is an entertainment, intellectual property, and immigration lawyer with expertise in the entertainment visa process. She is registered with the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (OMARA).

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NAFA Chat: Actors in Action - The practical, legal, and ethical considerations of theatrical violence and action

Kyle Rowling has been studying acting and martial arts since 1978. His mastery of the craft has made him one of the world’s most respected stage combat instructors and fight directors.

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Choc Tops Meeting: Copyright, clearances & approvals for music and film

Julian Hewitt represents high-profile musical talent, managers, labels, publishers, events, and start-ups. With a large overseas network he has been instrumental in setting up international deals for his clients.

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