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NAFA Chat: Can you pay bills with exposure?

The starving artist is a pervasive idea, but money doesn’t have to be a constant battle. Monica Davidson, the ‘doyenne’ of Creative Plus Business and self-professed lover of money, has some practical ways to manage your money better, enhance your financial literacy, and navigate the feast and famine of creative income.

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Choc Tops Meeting: The art of perseverance in Australian filmmaking

Back for his third NAFA speaking session, Nick Bolton has been a pioneer in the world of online video distribution for over ten years.

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Choc Tops Meeting: New media for filmmakers

At Nick Bolton’s last Choc Tops appearance in May 2006, his fevered excitement on such things as MySpace was greeted with blank faces. Facebook and Twitter didn’t even exist then. The content creation and distribution models have since been turned upside down.

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