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Choc Tops Meeting: Is 'Content Producer' a dirty (buzz)word or a real job?

Passionate storyteller and film buff Renée Brack is a versatile content producer with over 20 years of experience in TV, print, and digital.

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Choc Tops Meeting: Why most people fail at building a creative career

Karel Segers is a story consultant, writer, and producer with experience in film rights acquisition, development, and production.

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Choc Tops Meeting: DIY or Die – Creating Your Own Work

Head Writer and Script Producer Ian Simmons has been writing comedy for over thirty years. His work includes Andrew Denton productions, “Good News Week”, “The Glass House”, “The Sideshow”, and “Wednesday Night Fever”.

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Choc Tops Meeting: Many strings to your bow

Actor and acting teacher John O’Hare on what it means to be the ‘total actor’ in the 21st Century.

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Choc Tops Meeting: Producing indie films featuring visual effects (VFX)

Award-winning VFX supervisor and feature film producer Matthew Graham tells it as he sees it on feature films and visual effects.

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Choc Tops Meeting: Writing for theatre and film

After a successful sports career Alex Lykos began a new career in the arts 12 years ago. In 2005 he formed Bulldog Theatre Company, which has since produced all eight of his plays.

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Choc Tops Meeting: Business planning for creative people

Monica Davidson regularly runs workshops and events about creativity and business, as well as mentoring individual practitioners and consulting to larger arts organisations.

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Choc Tops Meeting: When directing actors…

Sandra Lee Paterson will discuss some of the difficulties directors and filmmakers have when directing actors. She will suggest how they may help actors understand what they are really trying to reveal in the overall film and in a particular scene.

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