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Choc Tops Year-in-Review & Christmas Drinks

Monday, 21 November 2016
6.30pm — 8.30pm
The Horse, Surry Hills (formerly White Horse Hotel)
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For our final NAFA meeting, we have a triple treat! Join us for our Open Forum, Year-In-Review and Christmas Drinks.


Choc Tops Meeting: A trusting relationship -- the actor and the agent

Actor, presenter, and trainer Gerry Sont talks about findings of critical relevance to all professional actors and performers in NSW.

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Marc Furmie at Choc Tops

Director Marc Furmie was the August Choc Tops guest speaker. Here is the detailed report by NAFA’s John Haly.

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Choc Tops Meeting: Diversity Research on Australian TV Drama

Rebecca Mostyn is the Manager of Research and Strategy at Screen Australia. She leads research that seeks to answer the question, “Whose stories are our TV dramas exploring?”.

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Choc Tops Meeting: The working director

Writer-director Marc Furmie shares his views on what it takes to arrive and survive as a young filmmaker in the Australian industry working across cinema, commercials, and music videos.

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Choc Tops Meeting: FilmInk Presents and distribution of Australian films

Dov Kornits co-founded FilmInk magazine in 1997 as a free street mag. He now hosts special-event screenings of films under the banner of FilmInk Presents.

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Choc Tops Meeting: The streaming future of Australian film 

Ron V. Brown has been a film and television producer for thirty years, owning and operating his own production company in Melbourne since 1975 with over 1200 projects to his name.

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Choc Tops Meeting: Virtual and Augmented Realities – Being More Human

As an AR (augmented reality) pioneer since 2009, Scott OBrien has seen AR and VR move from “magic show” to multi-billion-dollar functional applications.

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