MACA: Interactive Role-plays & Training Videos

MACA offers you effective, innovative solutions for staff training.

We have accomplished actors who are skilled in role-play, presenting, and interactive training. They work with you to achieve the best outcomes from our live performances.

We have fantastic filmmakers who can produce the highest quality corporate videos in whatever format you need, from a 30-second TV ad to a 30-minute short film. We shoot to your specifications to give you the impact and results you require for training purposes.

What’s more, within MACA, we also have bona fide professionals who are currently working in their respective fields of medicine, law, corporate training, and small business. Which means you can discuss your training programs with like-minded colleagues to get the best results.

A selection of videos can be viewed online. 
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Commonly Requested Training Options

Interactive Role-Play Training

If you would like performances that are ‘alive’ and truthful, then use our MACA actors to role-play various workplace scenarios. Our actors are highly experienced industry professionals and represent a broad range of ‘types’ to reflect your individual workforce. We can work with you in devising the training in-house, or work with your external training providers.

Like a powerful and engaging piece of theatre, if you prescribe this type of interactive training, then it will most certainly leave a lasting impact on your staff.

Corporate Training Videos

If you would like the training to be shown on screen, then let MACA shoot a professional corporate video for you. Our crew are award-winning filmmakers, which means your video will look like a million dollars — for a fraction of the price. And just like in the movies, a MACA corporate video will give you dramatic close-ups, interesting cutaways, mood music, and great acting from familiar faces you’ve seen on TV, film, and stage.

With the shift to online learning, a well-made video can be seen online by staff anywhere in the world. It is a highly effective teaching tool to deliver your brand message and enhance learning.


Choose maximum impact — Choose MACA.

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