Festival Date   Held for 2013.
Finalist Films

Show-Fest 2013 Finalists
  Sydney, Australia
2013 Venue  
Ritz Cinema
39-47 St Pauls St, Randwick

Facebook   A competitive and interactive short film festival brought to you by NAFA.

From a simple start at the Sydney Comedy Store in 2004 screening shorts on DVD, Show-Fest has grown to be a fully-featured festival that can screen 35mm prints in a real cinema environment. In 2010 we were one of the first short film festivals in the world to exclusively use 35mm film and DCI-DCP digital for cinema projection.

We are a selective festival that uses an independent judging panel to choose the finalist films. The judges will be drawn from Sydney’s film and television industry.

We screen at a cinema that is widely respected for its suitability for festivals. The Ritz Cinema is a multi-screen independent cinema in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, surrounded by the café and restaurant precinct known as The Spot.

Our “Show & Tell” format means that at least one cast or crew member is strongly encouraged to attend the screening. They can then talk on-stage about their experience making and promoting their film, and answer questions from the audience.

Finalist filmmakers who are unable to attend the festival are required to submit a short video or audio clip along with the exhibition copy. In this clip the filmmaker must answer the same questions that will be asked of filmmakers by the host at Show-Fest.

We believe this unique combination of attributes makes Show-Fest International a worthy platform for both you and your short film.

View a video from a previous year:

Best Film Award

Prize Sponsors   Video AustralasiaDX SoundThe Sydney Sound Brewery
Cash   AU$1000.00
In Kind   AU$7000.00

The independent judging panel will award Best Film to one of the finalists on the night.

The headline prize is a production-ready Sony F35 digital cinematography camera package (or equivalent) from VA Digital Hire worth $4500. This is matched with $1000 worth of location sound recording from DX Sound and $1500 worth of post sound services from The Sydney Sound Brewery (formerly ZerO dB Sound). The DCI DCP mastered of the winning film will be made available to the winner, courtesy of DCP Australia.

Cinema projection from 35mm film prints has been the gold standard for generations. DCI (Digital Cinema Initiatives) is the successor to film projection, and cinemas across Australia are currently making the transition to this system. A DCP (Digital Cinema Package) is the digital equivalent of a film print that is projected at the cinema.

VA Digital Hire is a provider of complete broadcast and film production services, with expertise in a wide range of cameras and lenses. With offices in Sydney and Melbourne — and servicing the entire Australasian region — VA has built a loyal following of production companies and cinematographers.

DX Sound is the audio services business of sound recordist Dave Sims. The winner of the Best Film Award will receive two days of sound recording on a short film in Sydney (or elsewhere excluding expenses), valued at $1000.

The Sydney Sound Brewery is the audio post production business of sound re-recording mixer John Hresc. The winner will receive two days of sound editing and mixing for broadcast of a short film, valued at $1500.

Festival Partners

DCP Mastering Partner 
DCP Australia
Printing Partner 
Mascot Printing
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