About NAFA
[ Networking Action for Filmmakers & Actors ]
Sydney, Australia

NAFA is a networking group of actors, screenwriters, and filmmakers renowned for being creative and productive. We strongly believe in chasing our own opportunities to succeed in a tough industry.

Originating as a proactive actors’ group in 2002 (then called Networking Action For Actors), NAFA quickly expanded to include screenwriters and filmmakers. In doing so, we have become recognised as an important resource for castings and crew calls for shorts and features that range from student to independent and professional productions.

From the outset, NAFA has always been firmly based on the ideas of networking and education. We are best known for running the “Choc Tops” networking meetings, now titled NAFA Chat, held each month at the The Horse in Surry Hills.

On a larger scale, NAFA ran a film festival Show-Fest International which concluded after ten years in 2013. Popular for the ‘Show & Tell’ format, cast and crew were invited onstage to discuss the making of their films after each screening. NAFA also organises script development workshops, social events, and a talent night.

In 2003 NAFA created its own film production company, NAFA Productions Pty Ltd. Drawing upon the group’s many talents and extensive connections, it has now made over 25 shorts and helped produce one feature. Some films have won awards, others have been selected as finalists and many have been shown on local TV. Getting good results on small budgets, the group has reached the level of expertise to take on bigger projects.


Our History at a Glance

Apr 2002    Networking Action For Actors (NAFA) is formed by Tony Chu and associates. Meets monthly.
Jun 2003    Combines with Choc Tops in the Attic (a similar group for screenwriters and filmmakers).
May 2004    Inaugural Show-Fest at the Sydney Comedy Store (Fox Studios).
Aug 2004    Launches original Web site.
Aug 2004    Inaugural Action-Fest.
Dec 2004    Meaning of NAFA changed to “Networking Action for Filmmakers & Actors”.
Jul 2005    First Great Debate. To be held annually.
Aug 2005    First Tech Ed workshop. To be held annually.
Feb 2006    Introduces monthly Script Development Workshops.
Apr 2006    The “NAFA Bubble 2006” redesign is launched.
Apr 2008    Film festivals move to the Greater Union cinemas.
Jul 2008    Choc Tops in the Attic moves to the Fox & Lion Hotel.
Aug 2008    The fifth and final Action-Fest film festival is held. NAFA to concentrate on running only one festival a year.
Feb 2009    Choc Tops moves to the more central location of the Clock Hotel in Surry Hills.
Aug 2009    Show-Fest finds its new home in the Ritz Cinema, Randwick. A successful partnership is formed between the cinema owner and NAFA, with future festivals to return.
Mar 2010    The Australian Film Festival and NAFA co-host the Future Film Screenwriting Competition
Aug 2010    Show-Fest becomes Australia’s first film festival to screen exclusively on 35mm film and DCI-DCP digital projection.
May 2010    MACA (Medical And Corporate Actors) is launched.
May 2011    Renovations result in Choc Tops moving 200 metres up the road from The Clock Hotel to The Dolphin Hotel in Surry Hills.
Aug 2013    The final NAFA film festival is held at the Ritz Cinema, drawing to a close ten continuous years of filmmaker-run screenings.
Apr 2016    Renovations once again cause Choc Tops to move 100 metres along Crown St from The Dolphin Hotel to The White Horse Hotel.
Feb 2018    The reference to “Choc Tops”, inherited from another networking group in 2003, is replaced by “NAFA Chat”.